About Me

"After years of working in the demanding environment of the healthcare and insurance industry, I reached a pivotal moment when the toll of a 40-hour workweek in an office was adversely affecting my health. It became evident that a change was necessary. Leveraging my extensive experience in managing complex details, navigating rapid timelines, and delivering exceptional customer service, I pondered how best to channel these skills into a new venture.

In March 2019, I decided to embark on a new journey by founding TK Travel Adventures. This decision marked not only a professional shift but also a personal commitment to pursue a career that aligned with my passion for travel and my desire to empower others to explore the world.

Through TK Travel Adventures, I've merged my expertise in meticulous planning and client care with the excitement and fulfillment of curating unforgettable travel experiences. Whether it's orchestrating dream vacations, coordinating destination weddings and honeymoons, organizing alumni or family reunions, or crafting tailored group adventures, I take pride in providing impeccable service with a personal touch.

Every journey begins with a single step. If you're ready to turn your travel dreams into reality and experience the world with confidence and ease, I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Contact TK Travel Adventures today, and let's start planning your next adventure together."

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At TK Travel Adventures, we embark on a mission to ignite a sense of wonder, embrace spontaneity, and fully immerse our travelers in the art of discovery. Our adventures transcend mere planning; they are specifically crafted to awaken the spirit and make every traveler feel truly alive.

We believe in responsible travel, ensuring that our adventures not only enrich the places travelers visit but also uplift the communities that call them home. With every adventure, we strive to positively impact both the environment and the communities we encounter.

Join us now for experiences that resonate with the thrill of adventure. We invite you to embark on a journey where every moment is an opportunity for connection, learning, and the creation of enduring memories. Welcome to a world where adventure knows no bounds, and the adventure itself is the ultimate destination!

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Open and honest communication is key to us. We provide accurate information and transparent pricing, ensuring our clients feel confident and trust in our services.

We pursue excellence by embracing innovation, constantly learning, and staying abreast of evolving trends to offer exceptional travel experiences.

We are dedicated to sustainable tourism efforts, striving to minimize environmental harm and actively supporting local communities to create a lasting positive impact for future generations.

We adhere to ethical standards, treating our clients, partners, and employees with dignity and professionalism in every interaction.

Kind Words From My Clients:

"She is amazing. Very hands-on and detailed with everything."

— Shara M.

"My boyfriend and I used Tk Travel Adventures for our trip to the Dominican Republic she was awesome. Our trip was very last minute but she worked with me and with my budget. She was very sweet and overall my trip turned out to be amazing. Thank you :)"

— Rosheda S.

"Very hands-on and willing to make herself available for her clients at all times. Her travel packages were very comprehensive, and she followed exactly the guidelines we asked of her."

— Cole F.

"Recently booked a cruise for myself, my girlfriend, and two other friends through TK Travel and had an amazing experience. No matter how many change of plans I made or what hour it was, I was always able to get ahold of Terri and get any questions I possibly had (there were A LOT) answered. 10/10 defiantly would recommend to any of my friends and family, look forward to booking my next vacation with TK Travel."

— Katelin S.