The Craziest Mini-Golf Courses in the U.S.

  • The Craziest Mini-Golf Courses in the U.S.

    Putt-putt taken to the extreme.

    Mini-golf is perfect for first-time club holders and first dates. It finds the perfect balance between just-for-fun and lively competition—some, however, take it to the next level. Not golf, we’re talking extreme putt-putt. We’re exploring courses that turn the favorite kid’s game on its head with elaborate holes and—sometimes—not so kid-friendly add-ons. These are the craziest putt-putt courses in the U.S.

    Erik Kabik

  • Peter Pan Mini Golf

    WHERE: Austin, Texas

    While this Austin green isn’t strictly adults-only, the night crowd tends to be 21 and over. Peter Pan Mini Golf is the city’s favorite (though not only) BYOB course, complete with giant, whimsical, sometimes weird—but hey, that’s Austin’s thing—statues you must narrowly avoid for your hole in one.

    Julio Massad (Manager, Peter Pan Mini Golf)

  • Par King Skill Golf

    WHERE: Lincolnshire, IL

    Another extreme course in Illinois can be found at Par-King Skill Golf , the self-described “world’s most unusual golf course.” In the 1960s, it was dubbed “Mini Golf’s Taj Mahal” and now boasts two 18-hole courses with some more-than-challenging holes (we’re talking 19 moving objects and seven water holes), including but not limited to their iconic “Super Looper,” a topsy-turvy challenge for putt-putters. Note: the park has a height requirement of 48 inches in order to be admitted.

    George Boznos

  • Around the World Miniature Golf

    WHERE: Lake George, New York

    If you’ve always wanted to golf around the world but lacked the skill or finances, there’s no place better to head than this course at Lake George . The founder wanted to create a putt-putt course that took participants along on his travels, and what he created was an incredibly overdone (in the best way possible) course that features everything from the Taj Mahal to a rickshaw to a giant lumberjack.

    Matthew D. Britt [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]/Flickr

  • KISS By Monster Mini Golf

    WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

    For KISS superfans, there’s only one course that will do the trick. Located inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino you’ll find glow-in-the-dark putt-putt featuring none other than the members of KISS. Golf up Gene Simmon’s tongue and try to avoid famous iconography.

    Erik Kabik

  • Conservation Course

    WHERE: West Palm Beach, Florida

    A part of South Florida’s Science Center, the Conservation Course gives players a chance not just to score a hole in one, but to learn about their state’s environment as they go. Each hole is named after an animal or indigenous plant with a strong focus on the Everglades. While there’s a lot to be learned as you play, there’s also a lot to see—because some lessons are best learned through visuals—like streams, flora native to Florida, and a butterfly garden.

    David Antalek

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